In Hip Hop History Today “The film Breakin’ was released” May 4, 1984

Breakin’, released as Breakdance: The Movie or Break Street ’84 in some countries, is a 1984 breakdancing-themed film directed by Joel Silberg. The film setting was inspired by a 1983 German documentary entitled Breakin’ and Enterin’ set in the Los Angeles multi-racial hip hop club Radiotron, based out of Macarthur Park in Los Angeles. Many of the artists and dancers, including Ice-T who makes his movie debut as a club MC)and Boogaloo Shrimp, went straight from Breakin’ and Enterin’ to star in Breakin’. Ice-T has stated he considers the film and his own performance in it to be “wack”. Breakin’ was the final Cannon film production released by MGM/UA. After Breakin’ was released, MGM and Cannon Films dissolved their distribution deal, reportedly over the potentially X-Rated content in John Derek’s film Bolero and MGM’s then-current rule of not releasing X-Rated material theatrically, forcing Cannon to become an in-house distribution company once again. Because of the demise of the distribution deal, Breakin’ is considered to be the final financially profitable film released by Cannon Films. Listen to the soundtrack to Breakin’ above.

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