In Hip Hop History Today “Mobb Deep released Infamy” December 11, 2001

Infamy is the fifth studio album by the hip hop duo Mobb Deep. Infamy was released after Jay-Z dissed Mobb Deep and Nas on his song “Takeover,” from Jay-Z’s 2001 album, The Blueprint, which caused Prodigy to strike back on the Track “Crawlin’,” in which he calls Jay a “female-ass nigga homo emcee.” “H to the you know,” calls Jay’s retaliation of baby pictures weak and threatens him, calling him “scared”. Despite containing the popular classics “The Learning (Burn)” and “Get Away”, most fans felt that Prodigy’s lyricism was weak in this album, especially when comparing to his classic lines in songs from previous albums.Infamy has been certified for Gold-level sales, selling around 800,000 copies. Listen to Infamy above.

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