In Hip Hop History Today “Ice Cube released Featuring…Ice Cube” December 16, 1997

Featuring…Ice Cube is a compilation album released by Ice Cube in 1997. The material featured on the compilation spans a length of about seven years. The earliest tracks are taken from the 1990 album AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted while “Bend a Corner Wit Me” was a brand new release at the time. The compilation was released while Ice Cube was enjoying notoriety from his recent success with Westside Connection. Despite the title, several of the tracks were originally released on Ice Cube’s studio albums and featured other artists. The album was produced by Ice Cube with A&R and marketing by Joel Conrad Bechtolt and Greg Danylyshn for Priority Records. Featuring…Ice Cube was a Billboard Top 40 Hip-Hop/ R&B hit. Listen to Featuring…Ice Cube above.

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