In Hip Hop History Today “Heavy D was born” May 24, 1967

Dwight Errington Myers was born May 24, 1967 and was better known as Heavy D. He was a Jamaican-born rapper, record producer, singer, actor, and former leader of Heavy D & the Boyz, a hip hop group which included dancers/background vocalists G-Whiz, “Trouble” T. Roy, and Eddie F. The group maintained a sizable audience in the United States through most of the 1990s. Heavy D died on November 8, 2011, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 44. He collapsed outside his Beverly Hills home and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Heavy D’s death was initially thought to be connected to pneumonia. An autopsy report, released on December 27, 2011, stated that the cause of death was a pulmonary embolism. R.I.P. Heavy D. Listen to Heavy D “Living Large” above.

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